Monthly Archives: January 2009

No Tears!!

When Macy's mom first called me, she said they had never made it all the way through a picture session without tears.  This morning she said that "No Tears" was her only goal for this session. I have to say I was also aiming at really sweet, fun pictures.  Well, this cutie didn't disappoint anyone. […]

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Where Did the Year Go?

It seems impossible it has been a year since I took this little lady's newborn pics! She is now a happy, smiley, on-the-move gal. Genevieve came in and made herself at home. I had so much fun capturing her as she played and interacted with her parents, and they had fun just letting her be […]

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Baby “K” is a Fighter

Since the last post about Baby "K", she has experienced many ups and downs. A week and a half ago, the cardiologist and cardiac surgeon decided that Baby K needed another surgery because the original shunt was not allowing adequate blood flow and, as a result, the pulmonary arteries were collasping.  To make a long […]

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