I was so very honored to be able to photograph this amazing family. They are a joy! We became acquainted with them because their son, M, and our Cora have the same congenital heart defect, and both had their surgeries at Boston Children’s with the same cardiologist and surgeon. They have truly been an encouragement to us through Cora’s time in Boston. Cora and M are now becoming ¬†friends, and we have been blessed getting to know the entire family. M is quite the charmer. He would avoid looking at me, and then, out of the blue, flash a captivating smile. His sweet big sisters smother him with love and attention. At the end, the kiddos went a bit crazy playing in the leaves. Apparently, they live in a new subdivision and do not have this opportunity at home. Fun!

This one should be huge on a wall some where!

Beautiful big sisters!

And the smile!